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Shredded plastic materials, produced during the size-reduction part of the recycling process, often bridge, rathole, and clump together. Downtime from these non-free-flowing materials has a devastating effect on production levels. No matter whether your process is injection molding or extrusion, a continuous supply of material is required for optimal processing and production efficiency. Without the right conveying equipment these stubborn-to-move materials can cause the usage of recycled material to be cost-prohibitive. In this month’s Application Spotlight, we walk through a recent system we engineered that completely eliminated any flow inconsistencies. This system continuously delivers shredded plastic material directly from our client’s shredder and into their extruder without the need for additional laborers. Check out the video to see this system in action!

During our collaboration meetings, stakeholders from our customer’s team shared that they required a material handling system to convey shredded HDPE from their shredder to their extruder. It was important that the system be designed with varying throughput capabilities as their feedstock was continuously changing and causing variances in the shredded product’s particle size and bulk densities. Additionally, they noted that they needed surge capacity built into their material handling system to absorb the difference in throughputs between their shredder‘s production and their extruder’s capability. Lastly, they advised that they had been struggling to find quality associates for their production floor; therefore, they needed a system that required the least amount of operator interface. However, they had concerns with this, as they knew many of their materials had bridging and ratholing problems, often requiring multiple operators to manually assist material flow in their existing equipment. Understanding the scope of the customer’s challenges and having previous experience with similar materials, Ensign’s sales and engineering teams applied some automation, along with two of our mechanical agitation options to one of our Power Hoppers and High-Capacity Live Bottom Bins with Screw Conveyor discharge. After being fully deployed this smart solution eliminated any opportunity for material to get held up at any point in the system; effectively bringing resolution to all our client’s concerns and requirements.

Just Some of the Available Options for Ensign’s Storage & Conveying Equipment

Ensign’s extensive library of available options gives you the flexibility to address almost any material handling challenge. And with robust designs that are built to last, we can put your team in a position to succeed for years to come.

  • Mechanical Agitation
  • Stainless steel material contact or complete construction
  • Side access/clean-out doors
  • Variable pitch flighting for mass-flow
  • UL listed enclosures
  • Abrasion Resistant (AR) auger flighting
  • Automated controls
  • Variable speed controls
  • Central operator work stations & access platforms

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