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Ensign Equipment provides a simple, smart, and safe solution for a heavy-duty metal recycling application discharging containers weighing up to 6,000 pounds.

We recently had the opportunity to team up with a metal stamping facility in need of a solution to streamline their recycling efforts. The process required dumping heavy metal containers of non-conforming steel parts onto a transition table & emptied into a roll-off container for recycling.

One of Ensign Equipment’s core competencies is adapting standard equipment designs to fit the needs of custom applications. By implementing this philosophy of machine design and manufacturing, engineering costs and time to market (lead time) are greatly diminished when compared to other suppliers of similar equipment type. In this case our team customized our standard Heavy-Duty Container Dumper to address this customer’s specific challenges.

Custom Heavy Duty Retaining System

Our standard Container Dumpers are often ordered with an optional Quick-Release Retainer Bar. However, as our team worked closely with this customer and learned more about the material’s flow characters, we understood their application required a unique retaining system that could securely hold the container in place during the dump cycle. By utilizing a heavy, 2” x 4” solid steel mounting bar, a t-handled acme screw, and a t-shaped 1.5” x 1.5” solid bar retainer we were able to secure three sides of the container and provide a heavy-duty solution that can stand the test of time against the abuse of abrasive and heavy material

Elevated Discharge Height

Typical Container Dischargers are designed with a 48” discharge height. This project called for an 80” discharge height. The elevated height partnered with a 6,000-pound load complicated an otherwise simple scenario. Our team designed a custom, heavy-duty Dumper Riser Stand that allowed for the dumper to be easily installed on top of at the customer’s site. This significantly simplified and streamlined the shipping and installation of the machine.

Custom Manual controls

By incorporating four momentary up-cycle pushbuttons and a VFD (Variable Speed Drive) into our standard controls, our electrical engineers designed a one-of-a-kind control panel that was everything this customer wanted. This included a manual, 4-staged discharge cycle that is synchronistic, preventing excessive discharge speed and allowing operators to feed material safely and accurately out of the dumper.

Additional Options for Ensign’s Container Dumpers:

Ensign’s extensive library of available options gives you the flexibility to address almost any material handling challenge. And with robust designs that are built to last, we can put your team in the position to succeed for years to come.

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